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Fresh Salad

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Focused on Grab & Go

Ready Made Meals to take home, Coffee Service all done with care & superior ingredients, Everything is made from scratch in our kitchens - never processed, and catering to all lifestyles and dietary preferences.


If you are looking for food near me or a restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch, healthy fast food, cafe style takeout, or simply a place to eat we welcome you to try this rich experience.


Lastly, we do offer takeout delivery and pickup for your convenience.

Vision - Food is the fuel you need to thrivE

Food is the fuel you need to thrive. At Fuel Cafe we offer innovative, fresh, international and regional cuisine using local farms and ranches. Prepared by world-renown Chefs for you to


Fuel Cafe Yoghurt Parfait with Granola Healthy Food

-global Fresh- passion for food

7AM–2:30PM Mon–FRI

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Wyoming ready

pickup in 15 min

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Located Inside the Joint Forces Readiness Center Building


Pickup available in aprox 15 minutes through our portal

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Coffee Hearts


5800 Central Ave

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Fuel Cafe  [7AM – 2:30 PM]

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- Cheyenne Cafe  Menu includes -

offering you the best coffee shop quality near Cheyenne Wyoming,  the best breakfast selection, breakfast  burritos, a café & brunch place, Cinamon rolls, sandwich options, takeout, and healthy food restaurant vibes!


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